The airport express train Flytoget.
The airport express train Flytoget.


Earn EuroBonus points on the Oslo Airport Express train

The ways to earn EuroBonus points increases every day. Now you can earn points by taking the airport express train Flytoget to and from Olso Airport.

From the middle of March 2016, SAS EuroBonus members will be able to earn points when taking the Airport Express train to and from Oslo Airport. One in seven train passengers is already a EuroBonus member today. 

“The Airport Express is an efficient and environmentally-friendly choice, and I am delighted that we have entered into this partnership,” says Eivind Roald, SAS Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. 

For the time being, EuroBonus members will need to buy their tickets via the Airport Express app to earn EuroBonus points, but other payment methods will be available soon. 

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