Illustrations: Lee Woodgate
Illustrations: Lee Woodgate


Lifesavers for travelers

Don’t let hunger, thirst, bad weather or other sudden predicaments get the better of you on your travels. These smart ideas will help you out in tricky situations – and take up almost no space in your bag.


 With tiny tubes of instant coffee, you’re always close to a great cup of joe. Sudden uses the best beans and artisanal roasting methods to create an instant coffee that rivals those from your favorite café. 


Self-dissolving painkillers

A headache can ruin a valuable day on vacation. If you carry tablets that melt in your mouth, you can get fast relief even when you don’t have access to drinking water. 


No access to WiFi? No books or magazines to read? Be sure to download your favorite podcasts on your phone at home and you’ll always have great entertainment in your pocket. 


 Pack a portion of instant oatmeal in a little plastic bag. All you need is a cup and some hot water, and you have a healthy meal. For extra deliciousness and protein, throw in some raisins and seeds.

iPhone battery charger

 A mobile battery charger can be the difference between getting lost or getting to a reserved table on time. 


 A packable, waterproof jacket takes up almost no space and weighs only a few hundred grams, but it will do wonders when you’re caught in the middle of a rain shower. 

Sleep mask

Catching up on sleep on the plane is important, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. An eye mask blocks out the light and makes it easier to fall asleep. 

Wet wipes

Ideal for wiping messy baby faces or sandy feet, cleaning dirty hands and removing makeup or stains from delicate clothing. 

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