Photo: Hans Norman, scanliners.com
Photo: Hans Norman, scanliners.com


Meet Frøydis Viking

Named after a half sister of the famous explorer Leif Eriksson, Frøydis Viking is testing new horizons itself as one of the first in the fleet to be prepared for inflight WiFi.
Photo Hans Norman, scanliners.com

Frøydis Viking is one of the 29 Boeing SAS 737-800s that have been in SAS service since May 2008. It is one of the SAS 737-800s equipped with winglets, the blue tips on the wings that reduce fuel burn. Manufactured on 15 May 2008, it celebrates its 10th birthday this month. Frøydis, based in Oslo from where it flies both domestic and European routes, has clocked up over 18,000 flights and 26,000 hours in the air.

The airplane is named after a half sister of Leif Eriksson, a -famous explorer of the North--American continent. Frøydis was said to have been on one of these sailing trips from Greenland over to what is Newfoundland today. Like the Vikings, Frøydis is used to difficult conditions, with its main destinations all located in the Far North, such as Tromsø and Longyearbyen. It has also made over 200 flights to 
Las Palmas and 185 to Alicante.

September 2017 saw Frøydis undergo a comprehensive checkup in Shannon, Ireland. Everything was inspected and all necessary repairs carried out. While on the ground for these two weeks, it also had a total makeover, with its cabin interior updated to the new SAS colors and materials, including more comfortable seat cushions.

The next step in the upgrade, to bring it in line with the SAS A320neos, will be in February 2019, when it will be equipped with two more seats, as well as USB-power outlets in the back of each seat.


2,380 - Frøydis is equipped with carbon breaks that can land 2,380 times before they need to be changed

5.5 seconds - Every 5.5 seconds, a Boeing 737 is taking off or landing somewhere around the world.

When painting a 737-800 -aircraft about 400 liters of paint are required and it takes about seven days to complete.

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