Photo: Pontus Höök
Photo: Pontus Höök

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Spice up your cocktails

Award winning bartender Madeline Rapp has a few tips on how to make your cocktails more interesting.


The agave liquor of Mexico is one of my favorite spirits. I use it instead of tequila in my Margaritas and in an Old Fashioned instead of bourbon. There is nothing like mezcal and nothing is so closely connected to its geographical roots.


Cocktails with lower alcohol proof are catching many customers’ attention nowadays. Sherry and other strong wine alternatives are great to use in cocktails such as Bamboo.


It doesn’t have to be champagne. As a matter of fact, it should probably be prosecco or cava. But mixing in a little bubbly with a liqueur, such as Aperol (Aperol Spriz) is a huge trend. Try substituting the Aperol for elderberry or apple liqueur as well.

Pot Still whisky

It’s an old technique to make whisky, most common in Ireland. This whisky is making a huge comeback right now and is great to use in all the drinks that you’ve been using bourbon for.

Pina Colada

You haven’t had it since the 1980s you say? One more reason to bring it back. It’s basically ice cream that will get you drunk – how can you not love it?”


Text: Henrik Ek


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