Luxury in the stocking

You can never get enough presents – and the more expensive they are the better. In the words of legendary American banker J.P. Morgan, 
‘If you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it’.

Put yourself In the driver’s seat

CXC Simulations’ Motion Pro II is a professional-level racing simulator – for home use. Superb audio and a panoramic triple-screen setup give you an almost seamless wraparound visual experience. It’s the closest thing to sitting inside a race car.

Run for cover

Your whole life is inside your laptop: all your music, photos, contacts, plans, that novel you’re writing... So it’s worth protecting, right? The CoverBee laptop sleeve is studded with 8,000 diamonds and rare black sable fur from Siberia.
$11 million

Say it without flowers

Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual -Lady-Datejust watch is sure to win her heart.

Copy that

A 3-D printer isn’t a standard household appliance yet, but if you’re considering getting one, you might as well go for the MakerBot Replicator, the preferred choice of enthusiasts.

Calling all Mavericks

Channel your inner top gun behind the controls of a Marchetti S260 the next time your stateside. Not only will you learn how to fly the Italian-built fighter jet, you’ll get to try your hand at air-to-air combat.

Silence is golden?

You know what’s nicer than a new iPhone 6? A Lux -iPhone 6 because it’s made of gold – two layers of 24k gold to be precise.

No man should be without an island

Laucala Island in Fiji has everything, and that means everything: beaches, horses, pools, spas, gardens, a golf course, villas, boats, Jet Skis – and a private sub-marine for marine biologist types. Rates for an all-inclusive stay on the island paradise start at $5,500. Of course, if that’s not exclusive enough for you, you can buy an island of your own. Islands in colder climes, such as Hemlow Island in Canada, start at $30,000 but you’ll need a cool million to get your hands on a small -Caribbean island. laucala.com


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