5 great places for coffee in Helsinki

Whether you prefer your coffee hot, cold, strong, weak, pitch black or with milk, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Helsinki, the capital city of coffee lovers. Here are five places to soothe your coffee itch.

Perhaps you know by now that Finland is the country where the most coffee is drunk per capita in the world. However, sometimes it’s the quality that’s important, not the quantity. What distinguishes an especially good cup of coffee differs depending on who you ask. Only you know exactly how you like your coffee served. Fortunately, you'll find skilled and experienced baristas all round Helsinki who can help you when the coffee itch strikes.

Here are five favorites worth visiting:

Photo: Clément Morin

Finland’s largest micro roastery

In 2007, Svante Kampf decided to open a café together with some friends. A place where they could roast their own coffee which they initially did using an old popcorn machine. Today, their café only accounts for a small part of Kaffa’s revenues and acts more like a place where they can meet creative people and test their new ideas. They aim to be as sustainable as possible and to steer coffee consumption in Finland from quantity to quality.

Kaffa Roastery

Båtsmansgatan 29, Helsingfors, Finland

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Opening hours: Mon-Wed 7.45am–6pm, Thur-Fri 7.45am–9pm, Saturday 10am–9pm, Sunday closed.

Social venue

In fine weather, you can sit at one of the table outside and enjoy your coffee in the sun. When the café opened, the idea was to create an atmosphere where people could meet and socialize over a cup of coffee. So whether you’re a tourist or a local, don’t be afraid to say hi to the people at the next table and have a chat with them. They say themselves that there’s nothing fancy about their coffee, it’s all about honesty and a refusal to compromise.

Good Life Coffee

Kolmas Linja 17, Helsingfors, Finland

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Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am–6pm, Saturday 9am–4pm, Sunday closed.

Photo: Andante

Instagram friendly gem

This stylish little café is run by partners Nikko Lio and Mia Fang. Naturally, coffee is a priority. But don’t forget to take a close look at the display of cakes and pastries. You’ll find everything from home-baked cinnamon buns and croissants to rawballs and vegan cakes. Naturally, there are also savory items on the menu, too. A real gem for anyone who thinks a coffee break is not complete without a great photo to post on Instagram.


Fredrikinkatu 20A, Helsingfors, Finland

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Photo: Sävy

All-day breakfast

Sävy sources beans and ground coffee from small producers considered to be among the best five percent in the world. If you prefer your coffee white, rest assured they always use organic milk from Finnish cows. They also serve an all-day breakfast here ranging from yogurt with home-made granola and croissants to delicious sandwiches.


Aleksis Kivis gata 12, Helsingfors, Finland

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Opening hours: Mon-Thur 7.30am–6pm, Friday 7.30am–5pm, Saturday 10am–4pm, Sunday midday–4pm

Photo: La Torrefazione

Helsinki’s most dedicated baristas

To work at La Torrefazione, you have to pass a special test for baristas. To be accepted, you not only have to make a perfect cup of coffee, you also need to know how the coffee should be served. They never compromise on quality here and every cup is a perfect coffee experience in its own right. An insider tip - you get a 20% discount on a coffee to go, ordered before 10am on weekdays.

La Torrefazione

Alexandersgatan 50, Helsingfors, Finland

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Several branches around Helsinki.

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