SAS Crew Tips: Beirut

East meets west in Beirut and the city is thriving after enjoying a period of peace and prosperity. Flight Officer Alexander Stenson shares his favorite places.

Corniche and Pigeon Rocks

A must-do in Beirut is to walk the Corniche from the marina to the famous Pigeon Rocks landmark, which takes about 45 minutes. Watch the locals power walking and enjoy the atmosphere of this public area. You can even dive into the clear waters from the limestone cliffs. At the end of the walk, you’ll reach a platform where you can admire the view of the Pigeon Rocks and the Mediterranean.

Pigeon Rocks

Raouche, Beirut, Libanon

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Café Em Nazih

In the trendy urban district of Gemmayzeh, you’ll find a hidden gem in Café Em Nazih. Located under a hostel with a nice open garden, it’s the perfect hangout at any time of day for locals and visitors alike. Order affordable meze at the bar and pick them up at the counter. Finish the meal with a water pipe or game of pool.

Safi Urban Gardens

Gouraud, Bayrut, Libanon

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Al Falamanki

After watching the sun set at the Pigeon Rocks, go to the nearby restaurant Al Falamanki. Gorge yourself on a traditional Lebanese meze and don’t forget to order their delicious hummus, the best I tried during my stay.

Raouché, facing Pigeon Rocks

Monot St، Bayrut, Libanon

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Bourj Hammoud

The city’s considerable Armenian community is concentrated in the Bourj Hammoud area. The energy and pulse are fascinating in an otherwise slightly rundown part of Beirut. -Explore the narrow streets and the craft stores, then grab a spicy Armenian-style sandwich at Apo.

Apo Restaurant

Tiro Street, Bourj Hammoud, Libanon

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Souk el Tayeb

If you’re fortunate enough to be in Beirut on a Saturday, there’s an open-air farmers’ market specialized in organic Lebanese produce, originally set up to share food and local traditions from all over the country. Here, you can get freshly-pressed juice and manakeesh straight out of the oven. After refueling, go window shopping in the exclusive designer stores in the nearby Beirut Souks.

Beirut Souks Trablos Street

Beirut Souks، Bayrut, Libanon

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Best view of Beirut

The best view of Beirut is actually from the window of your plane. Due to prevailing winds in the area, most of the landings and takeoffs are in a southerly direction at Rafic Hariri -International Airport. To get a great view of the skyline and downtown, be sure to book a seat on the left side of the aircraft on the way to Beirut and on the right side when you leave.

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